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Our goal is to make your everyday life easier and shower you with our unique JPQ product line which is designed to wow you at every turn as you use them. We wanted to give customers what they need in their everyday busy lives. PNBB Inc is a family business which endeavour to provide you excellent customer service, tremendous value and a brand that you can grow to love. 




At Pnbb Inc, our mission is to be the leading providers of smart accessories for Smartphone and tablets to fit your day to day lifestyle. Pnbb Inc offers a state-of-the-art, dependable and certified accessories collection dedicated to suit your every need. Because customers’ wants are ever-changing; we make every effort to provide excellent solutions to meet these necessities as well as an overall experience.




Successful individuals recognize the power of going smart and understand that a customer-focused digital revolution is a key to valuable consumer experiences and long-term customer relations.


They understand that going smart is not just ‘yet another channel’ in business and personal life, but the very foundation for a driven decision-making choice, which is essential to their success. Success today requires a smart transformation. It starts with prioritizing, then an in-depth understanding of the consumers’ needs and creating an excellent solution to meet these requirements.


Pnbb Inc as a leading accessories provider for Smartphone’s and Tablets, we provide support and help transform customers in their digital reform. We offer a collection of smart accessories ranging from portable power banks, portable wireless speakers, Emergency Car Night Light with Dual USB ports to 100% Eco-friendly yoga mat. We bring together creativity, innovation and technology capabilities, which facilitate and transform customers’ businesses and lifestyle.


With Pnbb Inc products, customers are at rest, knowing our products has what it takes to make life worth living. Pnbb Inc maintains a full-time staff of well-trained specialists who insist on only the highest standard and continually strive to provide top quality service for all customers. Due to our outstanding experience at pnbb we provide all of the adjunct skills, services, and structures necessary to please our customers with the highest standards of excellence, to attain the greatest operating efficiencies and finally to realize the maximum value margin. 

Innovative Technology

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Relax with your morning cappicino with JPQ 003
Relax with your morning cappicino with JPQ 003